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"Music is the universal language of mankind." ~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
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The main program of the Audio Preservation Fund is the physical archiving of sound recordings. Once a recording is acquired, the Audio Preservation Fund processes it and inputs its details into our database. This information is viewed by our Partnering Institutions, who then request the recordings they would like to add to their collections. The Audio Preservation Fund donates the recording and its recorded data to the Partnering Institution to be preserved and archived for future generations.

The Audio Preservation Fund has acquired over 20,000 recordings to date. Over half of these are available to our partnering institutions on this website, 3,500 of which were already successfully donated to these institutions. We are currently processing the remaining recordings and working with our partners to find each of them a good home.

The Audio Preservation Fund shares the information on its acquisitions with you through our searchable database. This database's purpose is to assist musicologists, researchers and the public in learning more about the sound recordings we acquire and donate. To search the acquisitions database, please visit our Acquisitions section.

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