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"Take a music bath once or twice a week for a few seasons, and you will find that it is to the soul what the water bath is to the body." ~ Oliver Wendell Holmes
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708 78s Donated to UT-Austin's Historical Music Recording Collection - 2013.08.30

Another successful donation to the UT Libraries! After the completion of an intensive project of manually comparing our 78s with those of UT-Austin's Historical Music Recording Collection, we identified and donated 708 78-rpm records!

This puts us over 1,500 records preserved through donation in 2013, edging us ever closer to our goal of 2,000 records donated before the end of the year!

First Donation Made to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library & Archives! - 2013.05.29

We are very excited to announce our first donation to Cleveland's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Library & Archives! After working closely with their staff, 398 78s and 45s were selected as records needed for the Library & Archive's collections. We're thrilled to make the donation and make these records available to visitors at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

189 Records Donated in APF's 6th Donation to BGSU's Music Library & Sound Archives - 2013.05.29

Bluegrass, Country, Brazilian, Mexican, Grecian, Jazz, Western Pop. You name it - it was probably somewhere in our sixth donation to the BGSU Music Library & Sound Archives. 189 records made their way to Bowling Green, OH in this donation. BGSU has one of the most eclectic collections in the country and we're happy to add these interesting titles!

APF Donates 15 Discs to the Archives of African American Music and Culture - 2013.04.17

Our third donation to the AAAMC included 15 records by artists such as Eartha Kitt, the Ink Spots, Bessie Smith, Johnnie Otis, Clarence "Frogman" Henry, John Lee Hooker, and The Four Tops. Spanning several decades and formats, we were very happy to work closely with the AAAMC staff to make this donation and send the records to their fantastic archive.

16 Records Donated to the Mills Music Library - 2012.12.03

We are very happy to announce our first donation to the Mills Music Library in Madison, WI. One 16" radio transcription disc, two 10" EPs, a handful of LPs, and two 7" 45s are now in their care and accessible to patrons. Artists include "Whoope" John Wilfahrt, Dick Contino, Woody Herman, Les Paul and Mary Ford, Hildegarde, and Stanislaw Mroczek.

3 LPs and 17 78s Donated to The Wittliff Collections - 2012.11.30

From Lefty Frizzell to the Kerriville Folk Festival, Texas State University has got you covered! Mr. Steve Davis came by APF today to pick up the latest batch of Texas music donations for The Wittliff's Southwestern Writers Collection.

APF Donates 74 Recordings to Bowling Green State University - 2012.10.09

APF sent a collection of 74 seven-inch discs to BGSU on October 9. This marks the fifth donation we have made to BGSU's Music Library & Sound Archive. A few highlighted artists include Blossom Dearie, Sylvie Mora, Billie Holiday, Pete Seeger, Les Blue Angels, The Bachelors, Buddy Hackett, The Chantels, and Keith Williams and His Orchestra.

Mr. Chris Beall Donates LP Collection to APF - 2012.10.05

October 5th was a great day - we received a box of records in the mail! Mr. Christopher Beall generously donated a collection of 12-inch and 10-inch classical and opera LPs to APF. We extend our sincere thanks to Mr. Beall to contacting us and sending us the collection.

659 Seven-inch Discs Donated to UT-Austin's Historical Music Recordings Collection - 2012.10.02

On October 2nd, APF donated 659 records to UT-Austin. All of these discs originally came from Mrs. Ann Kittredge's collection. Again, thank you to Mrs. Kittredge, and thank you to the staff at the HMRC for working with us to make this donation possible. We are very happy to expand the HMRC collection at UT-Austin with this gift and know they will do all they can to make these discs accessible.

69 Records Recently Donated to Archives of African American Music and Culture - 2012.09.19

APF made its second donation to the Archives of African American Music & Culture on September 19. Sixty-nine records were included in the gift, including 2 LPs, 2 seven-inch EPs, and 65 seven-inch singles. Just a few of the artists represented on record in the gift were Ella Fitgerald, B.B. King, The Coasters, Jackie Wilson, Nina Simone, Slim Gaillard, Sam Cooke, The Mills Brothers, Dud Bascomb, Billie Holiday, and Lurlean Hunter. We hope to send another gift to AAAMC soon!

APF Donates 118 Records to the Texas Music Museum - 2012.08.13

We are very happy to announce our recent donation of 118 records to the Texas Music Museum. The donation consisted of 45s, 78s, LPs, EPs, and one 16" radio transcription disc. We are very glad to see the Texas-related recordings end up in such a wonderful collection of Texas music.

APF Donates 65 Records to Bowling Green State University - 2012.07.20

APF made it's fourth donation to Bowling Green State University on July 20th. The collection donated contained LPs, CDs, EPs, 78s, and 45s, but we were most excited to donate a significant number of 16" transcription discs to the Music Library & Sound Archives. Sixteen-inch transcription discs are a very important part of recording and broadcasting history. We are glad these particular discs found a good home at BGSU.

APF Makes First Donation to Archives of African American Music and Culture - 2012.06.07

We are very happy to announce the first donation to our newest partnering institution, the Archives of African American Music and Culture. The AAAMC is located at the Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. We are very happy to be able to add 57 items (LPs, 78s, 12" singles, and 45s) to their wonderful collection.

Mr. Bill O'Hara Donates 8 LP Box Sets to APF - 2012.05.01

Thank you very much to Mr. Bill O'Hara for his donation of 8 LP box sets to the Audio Preservation Fund on May 1st.

UT-Austin Donates Collection of LPs to APF - 2012.04.09

UT-Austin generously donated a collection of approximately 800 LPs to APF on April 9th. The collection is mostly comprised of classical recordings. We look forward to working with it and Mrs. Redmann's collection to place the items in a classical and opera-oriented collection.

Mrs. Audrey Redmann Donates Collection of Classical 78s to APF - 2012.04.06

Retired opera singer, Mrs. Audrey Redmann, very generously donated her significant collection of classical and opera 78-rpm discs to APF. We have not yet donated recordings to any institutions, other than UT-Austin, with a focus on classical recordings. This will be a great opportunity to build a relationship with a new institution. If you know any looking for classical LPs, please let us know.

Mr. Gene Tognacci Donates Collection of 78s, LPs, and 45s to APF - 2012.03.10

Mr. Gene Tognacci recently made another very generous and diverse donation to APF, consisting of 78-rpm discs, LPs, and 7-inch discs. We can't thank Mr. Tognacci enough for his continued support and can't wait to begin working with this recent gift.

APF Chairman William Vanden Dries Speaks at 2012 MLA Conference - 2012.02.18

APF Chairman, Mr. William R. Vanden Dries, was honored to be invited as a co-presenter, alongside Texas Music Museum President Mr. Clay Shorkey and Texas Music Museum digital archivist Mrs. Virginia Rowland, to the 2012 Music Library Association annual meeting in Dallas, TX. The presentaiton focused on strategies and challenges faced by music museums, big and small. William spoke about APF's continuing relationship with the Texas Music Museum and other institutions. Mr. Andy Leach from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame's Library & Archives and Mr. Jacob McMurray from the Experience Music Project also delivered wonderful presentations.

Adam and Caryl Olson Donate 9 78-rpm discs to APF - 2012.01.18

Adam and Caryl Olson donated nine 78-rpm discs to APF on January 18. We look forward to getting them up on the site soon so that our partnering institutions can start requesting them!

Robert Marsh Donates 3 LPs to APF - 2012.01.10

Our first gift of 2012 was donated by Mr. Robert Marsh. Mr. Marsh donated 3 LPs to the Audio Preservation Fund on January 10th. One LP by Stanley Black and His Orchestra, and two by Joe "Mr. Piano" Henderson. Look for them on the site soon!

APF Donates Additional LPs to UT-Austin - 2011.12.08

Mixed among the LP collections on our shelves, we managed to identify 233 more LPs not already present in UT-Austin's Historical Music Recording Collection. We donated them to the HMRC on December 8th. Thank you very much to Chris Daily for your hard work assembling this donation.

Dan Mecca Donates Collection to APF, Largest Single Collection Received to Date - 2011.12.06

On December 6th, Mr. Dan Mecca donated his personal collection of LPs, 45s, CDs, and cassettes to APF. At over 9,000 items, it is the largest single collection we received to date. We have our work cut out for us over the next year!

APF Donates Another Cylinder to UCSB - 2011.12.02

APF donated another cylinder to the University of California at Santa Barbara on December 2nd. The cylinder came from Martha Randall's gift of three cylinders, donated to APF in August of 2011.

William Gets Sleevefaced! - 2011.11.14

While visiting Bowling Green State University, APF Chairman was sleevefaced! See the evidence here (Look for Louis Prima).

BGSU Donates Large Number of 78s & LPs to APF - 2011.11.14

Before we left Bowling Green, the staff at BGSU's Music Library & Sound Archive loaded us up with records they knew could be put to good use by some of our other partnering institutions. They all made it home safely and after a few peeks inside, we know it's going to be fun working with the discs.

APF donates 490 records to Bowling Green State University - 2011.11.14

On November 14, APF donated 490 records to the Music Library & Sound Archives at Bowling Green State University. The collection contained LPs, transcription discs, 78s, and 45s. BGSU has one of the largest institutional collections of records in the country and we know our donation will be put to good use!

Chris Daily Begins Internship with APF as Independent Study Course - 2011.08.24

Chris Daily, a senior audio engineering student in the University of Texas at Austin's College of Fine Arts, began interning with APF. Through early December, Chris will help document, photograph, and donate recordings we acquired. Chris will earn course credit through an independent study course at the University of Texas at Austin.

Three Cylinder Recordings Donated by Marty Randall - 2011.08.18

Marty Randall donated three cylinder recordings to APF. The cylinder recordings are a much appreciated addition to our acquisitions and we look forward to working with them.

Hundreds of Recordings Donated In Collections From New Orleans - 2011.08.06

Two new collections and supplemental recordings to a previous collection were received by donation. All three collections were located in New Orleans. Mrs. Sandra Rowan donated a wonderful collection of blues and jazz 78s, LPs, and 45s. Mr. Creston Tanner donated a collection of mostly jazz and popular 78s, along with several 45s. Mrs. Joan Bostick made her second donation to APF by donating several hundred LPs.

APF Selected for Buffalo Exchange 'Tokens for Bags' Program - 2011.07.01

From July through December, 2011, when shopping at Buffalo Exchange's Austin location you'll have the opportunity to support APF! APF was chosen as one of the three charitable organizaitons to participate in BX's Tokens for Bags program.

Here's how it works - when you check out, the cashier will ask you if you would like to take a token or a bag for your purchase. If you take a token, you can place it in APF's box on your way out and Buffalo Exchange will donate funds to help the organization. Yep - it's that easy!

The Buffalo Exchange in Austin is located at 2904 Guadalupe Street. So next time you go clothes shopping, save a bag from the landfill and help out APF at the same time!

APF Donates 1,030 LPs to UT-Austin's Historical Music Recording Collection - 2011.06.28

APF made its second donation to UT-Austin's Historical Music Recording Collection. By comparing LPs donated to APF with UT-Austin's collection, we successfully identified and donated 1,030 LPs previously missing from the university's archive.

APF Makes Donation of LPs, 78s, and 45s to Texas Music Museum - 2011.06.14

APF made one of its largest donations to date to the Texas Music Museum. We donated 108 LPs, 78-rpm, and 45-rpm discs. The recordings are of many legendary Texas artists such as Gene Autry, Bob Wills, Waylon Jennings, Vikki Carr, Milton Brown, Cliff Bruner, Vernon Dalhart, and Jack Teagarden.

Now You Can Help APF When Using eBay! - 2011.05.23

APF is now a registered organization with MissionFish, eBay's nonprofit giving program. When you sell your items on eBay, you are now able to commit a percentage of the sale to help APF. When you're shopping, you can find out what items have been designated to donate part of the sales to us. To view our page and begin, click here. Thank you!

New Group of Records Donated by Mr. Gene Tognacci! - 2011.05.13

APF received a new collection of recordings from Mr. Gene Tognacci. This is Mr. Tognacci's fourth donation to APF. The newest batch of records include hundreds of LPs, 45s, 78s, and a few transcription discs. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with such a wonderful collection. Look for the new records to be posted on the website later this year!

Oral History Digitization Project Completed! - 2011.05.06

Virginia Rowland has finished digitizing the oral history collection of the Texas Music Museum. The collection of oral history cassettes was created over the past twenty years by the volunteers of the Texas Music Museum. Many unknown, but nonetheless very important Texas musicians were interviewed for the collection. The project saw APF and the Texas Music Museum collaborating with UT-Austin's School of Information. Mrs. Rowland was completing the project as her Capstone Project, therefore the school allowed Virginia access to their digitization lab. The collection is now begin prepared for publication to the museum's website. Virginia has also started digitizing the museum's VHS musical performance collection and will continue to do so through the summer.

APF Makes Its First Donation to Belfer Audio Archive - 2011.05.05

APF makes its first donation to the Belfer Audio Archive, housed at Syracuse University in Syracuse, NY. The donation consisted of 55 cylinders (54 celluloid, 1 wax). We look forward to continued collaboration with Belfer in the future.

APF Makes Another Donation to Bowling Green State University - 2011.04.28

APF made its second donation to Bowling Green State University. This donation was comprised of 12 LPs, 3 12-inch EPs, and 41 12-inch Hip-Hop and Rap singles. We are very excited that we could expand Bowling Green's archive with these recordings and look forward to making future donations.

APF Makes Its First Donation to Bowling Green State University - 2011.04.06

APF makes its first donation to the sound archives at Bowling Green State University, located in Bowling Green, OH. The sound archive at Bowling Green is one of the most comprehensive in the country. APF donated 28 LPs previously missing at the archive.

APF Makes Its First Donation to UT-Austin - 2011.02.25

APF makes its first donation to The University of Texas at Austin. With over 200,000 recordings, The UT-Austin Historical Music Recording Collection is one of the largest publicly held sound archives in the world. By comparing the collections we received with UT's current holdings, we were able to donate 148 7-inch EPs and 45s to the archive.

New donation of 45s (and 1 CD) to Texas Music Museum - 2011.02.24

APF donated 79 45-rpm discs to the Texas Music Museum. The records were recently donated to APF by Mr. Gene Tognacci. Additionally, APF donated 1 more CD to the Texas Music Museum through the Texas Music Project.

More Recordings Received from Mr. Gene Tognacci! - 2011.02.19

APF received the third installment of recordings donated by Mr. Gene Tognacci. The most recent group of recordings contained many 78-rpm, 10-inch EP, and 7-inch 45-rpm records. We can't thank Mr. Tognacci enough for his continued support. We look forward to documenting these records and donating them to one or more of our partnering institutions.

Texas Music Project Donation to Texas Music Museum - 2011.02.08

APF made a donation of 66 recordings received through the Texas Music Project to the Texas Music Museum. The LPs and CDs were a welcome addition to the museum's growing collection of contemporary Texas music.

Oral History Digitization Project Begins! - 2011.01.21

Mrs. Virginia Rowland, a graduating Master's student from the UT-Austin School of Information, has begun the digitization of the Texas Music Museum's oral history collection. APF posted the project with the School of Information and coordinated the start of the project. The collection is a wonderful collection of interviews and performances rich in Texas music history. From here, Mrs. Rowland will meet with the museum's president throughout the Spring, taking small groups of the cassettes to the digitization lab at the School of Information. Once the collection is digitized, the digital files will be prepared for publication to the museum's website. We are very excited to be a part of this historic project. Stay tuned!

New Cylinder Donation to UC-Santa Barbara - 2011.01.13

APF made its second donation to UC-Santa Barbara. The second donation consisted of 5 cylinders recordings acquired in the donation by Mr. Gene Tognacci. We are very happy that we could continue expanding UCSB's archive and look forward to future donation opportunities.

New Donation of 78s by APF to Texas Music Museum - 2011.01.11

APF made a donation of 49 78-rpm discs by Texas artists to the Texas Music Museum. The recordings represent several genres, including country, western swing, comedy, and Spanish-language songs.

New Collection Donated by Mr. Robert Tagge - 2010.12.25

A new collection was received by donation from Mr. Robert Tagge of Kerrville, TX. The recordings are primarily of country and popular LPs and 78s.

Collection Donated to APF by Mrs. Anne Kittredge - 2010.12.16

A new collection was received by donation from Ms. Anne Kittredge. The collection, located in New York City, was assembled by Ms. Kittredge's father, during and after his time working as a radio DJ. The collection contains many disc jockey releases of LPs and 45s. Several 78-rpm recordings are also present. We look forward to working with the recordings and hope to have its contents recorded and posted to the website sometime in 2011!

Nine Edison Cylinders Donated to the Thomas Edison National Historic Park - 2010.12.15

Nine of the Edison cylinder recordings we received were donated to the Thomas Edison National Historic Park on December 15, 2010. The Edison National Historic Park is part of the National Park Service and is located at Edison's laboratory complex in West Orange, NJ. It contains one of the largest Edison recordings archive. It also contains thousands of Edison artifacts, including the first tin-foil phonograph. We are honored to expand such a prestigious archive and look forward to working with the Park in the future!

Texas Music Museum Catalog Complete! - 2010.11.13

After five months of documenting the contents of the Texas Music Museum's archive, the contents of the collection are now up on our website! The archive contains decades of Texas music history on many formats. To view the contents, click here.

25 Cylinders Donated To UCSB - 2010.11.10

Twenty-five of the cylinders we received were recently donated to the University of California at Santa Barbara (UCSB). UCSB manages an outstanding cylinder digitization project. The cylinders we sent them will be digitized and added to their online catalog for everyone to enjoy...for FREE!! To listen to thousands of cylinders that they have digitized, visit the project's website!

Mr. Gene Tognacci Donates Large Collection of Discs to APF - 2010.10.09

Mr. Gene Tognacci very generously donated a large colleciton of LPs, EPs, and 78-rpm discs to APF on October 9th. The genres and eras of music included are very diverse. We are very excited to document these discs and offer them to our partnering institutions. It may take us a bit to get these up on the site, but we'll get through it as fast as we can!

Mrs. Joan Bostick Donates 79 Cylinder Recordings to APF - 2010.10.09

Mrs. Joan Bostick donated 79 cylinder recordings to the Audio Preservation Fund on October 9th. The majority of the cylinders are Edison Blue Amberols, but several are Indestructible Cylinders as well. We are currently researching possible institutions to which we can donate these recordings in the near future. In addition to our gratitude to Mrs. Bostick, we would also like to say thank you very much to Mr. Gene Tognacci for coordinating the donation.

Cataloging of Texas Music Museum Begins! - 2010.06.05

Our Summer project for 2010 will be the creation of a comprehensive catalog of the sound recordings at the Texas Music Museum. The contents of the archive, including information and pictures, will be posted to our website as well as the Museum's website.

First Texas Music Project Recordings Donated To The Texas Music Museum - 2010.05.19

On May 19, 2010, APF made its first donation to the Texas Music Museum in Austin, TX. The recordings included LPs, CDs, EPs, and a 7-inch from Texas artists The Black Angels and Ringo Deathstarr. These recordings also represent the first recordings archived as part of the Texas Music Project.

APF Makes Korean Record Donation to ARChive of Contemporary Music - 2010.03.10

Audio Preservation Fund donated nine Korean releases of well-known American R&B albums from the 1960's. This donation, sent on March 10, 2010, marks the first donation of APF to the ARChive of Contemporary Music in New York City.

APF Makes Its First Donation to Texas State University on Feb. 24, 2010 - 2010.03.01

The Audio Preservation Fund made a donation of 9 recordings to Texas State University's Center For Texas Music History, which houses its music archives in the Wittliff Collections. Pictured is APF Chair, William Vanden Dries, presenting the donation to the archive's Steve Davis and Dr. Gary Hartman.

One of the LPs, Jerry Jeff Walker's ¡Viva Terlingua!, was recently featured in the Center's publication The Journal of Texas Music History. Also donated were recordings by Willie Nelson, Ditto, King & Cochran, and Egon & The Search for Saturnalia.

APF will be at The Austin Music Swap on March 6 - 2010.02.27

The Austin Music Swap, an event featuring anything and everything music related will be taking place Saturday, March 6, and the Audio Preservation Fund will be there loud and proud! Come on out to shop the different tables for records, show posters, music gear, instruments, collectibles & more. Make sure to stop by and say hi before you leave.

Read more about the event here.

LPs Donated to APF by John and Barbara Spannaus - 2010.02.15

John and Barbara Spannaus generously donated a collection of 21 LPs to Audio Preservatoin Fun don Feb. 15, 2010. These will soon be cataloged, photographed, and posted to the website along with collections previously recieved. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Spannaus!

The Audio Preservation Fund Was At The 2009 Austin Record Convention - 2009.10.14

The Audio Preservation Fund was at the 2009 Austin Record Convention! We would like to thank everyone who stopped by our table and took time to talk with us. We are especially grateful to those who donated to the organization and/or signed up for the email ist. We raised some much needed funds for the organization and had a great time meeting all of you. Thanks!!!

Five Collections Donated to APF at Austin Record Convention - 2009.10.11

Five collections were donated to the Audio Preservation Fund at the 2009 Fall Austin Record Convention. We extend a big thanks to these donors. We will begin working with these collections soon.

First Audio Preservation Fund Website Created - 2009.10.11

Our first website is up and running! We included basic information about the Audio Preservation Fund. Look for an extensive remodeling and expansion of the website content in the next few months. If you have questions about anything not listed on the website, please contact us.

Box of Records Saved from the Trash by Mr. James! - 2009.10.07

Mr. Jason James rescued a box from the trash containing copies of a 7-inch single by Egon and The Search for Saturnalia. Mr. James contacted us soon after and donated the box of records to us. Egon and The Search for Saturnalia are TX-based so we will be looking for Texas collections interested in accepting the single.

APF Receives First Record Collection - 2009.10.07

APF received its first record collection as a gift from Mrs. Charlene Clarke. We are very grateful for Mrs. Clarke's generosity and are excited to begin working with the collection!

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