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"Music is enough for a lifetime, but a lifetime is not enough for music." ~ Sergej Vasilievich Rakhmaninov
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The programs of the Audio Preservation Fund are the measure of our success. All of these programs begin with the acquisition of sound recordings and artifacts through Donation or purchase. Once a recording is acquired, the Audio Preservation Fund processes it and then assesses for which program it is most appropriate. Firstly, all acquisitions are candidates for the Archiving program. The Texas Music Project is a special program for acquiring and archiving music related to Texas. If the recording is not best suited for archival purposes with our Partnering Institutions, it is then chosen for another program.

Additional Audio Preservation Fund programs, such as our Coffee Shop Listening Stations or our Community Education programs, fulfill our goals to help educate the public about the sound recordings we acquire and the need for their preservation. Learn more about Volunteering in one of these programs.

Another important program for the Audio Preservation Fund is Fundraising. We cannot continue meeting our goals and accomplishing our mission without the continued support of people like you. Please take a moment to donate what you can towards the preservation of our musical and spoken word heritage.

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