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"When griping grief the heart doth wound,
and doleful dumps the mind opresses,
then music, with her silver sound,
with speedy help doth lend redress." ~ William Shakespeare
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Preservation of recordings through archiving

The primary method of preservation for the Audio Preservation Fund is the donation of sound recordings to libraries, archives, research centers and museums capable of storing and preserving sound recordings for many years to come. It is a goal of the Audio Preservation Fund to donate at least one copy of every extant analog sound recording to at least one of our partnering institutions. Learn more about our Partners.

Preservation of recordings through education

Preserving one copy of every extant sound recording in an archive is safer than not doing so, but a more desirable situation would be for the public to help in the effort by preserving their own collections as well. More copies of a certain recording will increase the likelihood of its survival. More copies will also ensure more people having access to a particular recording, thus allowing more people the chance to appreciate the reason for preservation - the recording itself. Learn about how you can begin preserving the sound recordings in your possession in our Preservation section.

Preservation of recordings through renewed interest

Another goal of the Audio Preservation Fund is to help renew interest in the technology of analog sound recordings. Through renewed interest, more people will join the effort to preserve the auditory heritage of our shared past. Learn more about how the Audio Preservation Fund is accomplishing this goal with our Community Outreach programs.

Preservation of recordings through use

When a sound recording is never played, nobody knows what is stored on the recording. When books, movies, music or other similar methods of storing information are used frequently, the information becomes a part of our culture. A goal of the Audio Preservation Fund is to utilize this tool as a way of preserving the information stored on sound recordings. See how we are doing so with our Coffee Shop program.

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