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"You are the music while the music lasts." ~ T.S. Eliot
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Audio Preservation Fund's Vision Statement:

We envision a world where at least one copy of every extant analog recording is well-cared for in a public institution. The information on and about these recordings is accessible to people interested in researching and appreciating them. The recordings are backed up in a way that does no further harm to the recordings themselves.

We live in a time where instant access to information is not only applauded, but expected. Despite monumental efforts, bits and pieces of our recorded heritage are constantly lost to the world. When the last analog recording disintegrates, we want the generation at hand to look back on ours and say one thing,

"What was lost to us was not for want of effort."

That generation should not be the next one. That generation will be in the very distant future if we can organize and focus our efforts on saving what recordings still exist. Nothing lasts forever, but we will do what we can to enlighten our descendants of the incredible diversity of the last century and beyond.

At present, certain recordings cannot be freely distributed over the internet without infringing on copyright laws, but we believe people should still have free access to them in other ways such as a library or museum. Once we place recordings in public institutions, we lobby for their duplication to a more distributable medium, such as making a digital backup ... and then backing up that digital backup.

Each recording's time will come to enter the public domain. Each generation must continue to play them. If we succeed, a musical Renaissance of the 20th century will not be necessary.

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